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Special Campus Features

Patient Entrance

We respect our patients’ privacy and their dignity.

Most hospitals bring patients in through a front lobby while they are handcuffed. This makes it possible for them to be seen by anyone passing the facility. It also means that the first time they come into contact with other patients, they are in a potentially embarrassing and undignified position.  

At our facility, our private back entrance allows patients to be admitted out of public view. After the admission process—which takes place in a private room—they are released from restraints before entering the common areas of the treatment center. This allows them to integrate into the patient population without the indignity of being seen in restraints.

The Pavilion also works with each patient’s family to prepare them for the TDO hearing. Family members are able to attend the hearing and be a part of the team that presents on behalf of the patient.


Most of the patients in our Acute Care Program are admitted because they have been determined to be a threat to themselves or others. Safety is therefore a primary concern. Our facility is designed to prevent patients from harming themselves. Patient rooms and common areas contain no ligature points, furniture is bolted to the floor, and our doors are designed so that patients cannot lock themselves into any of the rooms. Our staff is trained in safety protocols, and each patient is checked on at least once every fifteen minutes around the clock. Patients in the acute care unit have no interaction with patients in other units. We work to minimize any opportunities for the patient to harm themselves or others.


Research has shown that access to nature during treatment for mental illness promotes positive emotional states and diminishes negative feelings. Both the serene setting and the chance for physical interaction with nature can help patients become more calm and focused.

Our open-air courtyard allows patients the chance to spend time outside in a secure environment. The courtyard is designed to be visible by the staff at all times and includes landscape features that do not allow for assaultive behavior or self-harm. Although this courtyard is used by patients in other programs, the populations of different programs are never allowed access to the space at the same time. Due to safety issues, patients in acute care do not mix and mingle with patients from other programs.

The Pavilion

The Pavilion at Williamsburg Place is a 66-bed state-of-the-art hospital offering psychiatric care to adults and older adults.

Level of Care

We understand that each person has their own unique issues and our clinical team has the expertise to assist our patients to return to a stable level of functioning.

For Referents

If you are a medical professional seeking to refer a patient or to simply learn more about our services.