Family Involvement | Acute Care


Upon admission and with patient consent, families are contacted for collateral and history. We also provide families with regular updates on their loved one’s progress. Our social work department helps to prepare families for what happens after the patient leaves our care and lets them know what families can do to help with aftercare. Whenever possible, we work to involve families in the treatment process.

The Pavilion also works with each patient’s family to prepare them for the TDO hearing. Family members are able to attend the hearing and be a part of the team that presents on behalf of the patient.


Effective March 13, 2020

The health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff are a top priority at The Williamsburg Place Campus.  We understand how important the support of loved ones is to patients during their stay.  At the same time, the Governor’s declared state of emergency due to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations require us to temporarily suspend visitors from coming to the campus.  In addition to family members, this visitor modification includes all community programs, such as AA, that regularly meet at the Campus.

Thank you for your understanding and for adhering to these policies to help us keep our patients, families, and staff protected and healthy during this time.