Admissions Process

The Mood Disorders Inpatient Unit accepts patients who voluntarily seek treatment. They are admitted to the program via a referral by a Pavilion physician. An initial evaluation by a Pavilion doctor will determine the patient’s medical, emotional, behavioral, social, and nutritional needs. The evaluation includes a thorough review of the patient’s psychiatric history, including previous treatment and physical and health screenings.

Some patients who enter the mood disorders program do so as a step-down from the Acute Care Program at The Pavilion. When a TDO hearing determines that they are healthy enough to leave the Acute Care Program without being a threat to themselves or others, patients often choose to continue their treatment in the Mood Disorders Inpatient Unit.

Our admissions department is always available, 24 hours a day, throughout the year. A full-time nurse is on duty for each admission shift. When a patient comes to The Pavilion, we will:

  • Present the case to an on-call physician
  • Provide a response within 15 minutes
  • Schedule an admission time (if accepted)